Mitchell's Special Mauser Collection
Mainly Rare . . . in the Extreme . . . Collectors Rifles!

Found in Europe, brought to the U.S. by Mitchell, this selected collection of rare, one-of-a-kind guns is now released to the American collector! These are fine investment-grade Mausers, released by him, kicking and screaming, probably because he wants to go buy a rare German Stuka-Relic or Bf-109 and bring those to American Collectors.

Every rifle comes in a specially made presentation case!

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 2889

K98 S/N 2998

K98 s/n2889 Death HeadTop S/N 2889 A fine specimen of the German SS Corps, secretly built by Hitler's body-guard army , showing no factory designation or any year marking. Special to this rifle are the Double Deaths Heads of the dreaded SS. Especially significant in this specimen are the SS marks above the Death Head and the S-2 designation above the rear death's head. Truly a one-of-a-kind survivor of World War II. The barrel shows the special maker's mark "Bohler Steel", designated by the SS. This rifle is unique in that it has an early-style model marking on the left side of the receiver dating to some time prior to WWI. While the SS removed the normal markings on the front receiver ring, there are faint markings remaining on the left side of the front receiver ring attesting to its WWI authenticity. The barrel has very special markings including the '660' code designating the Mauthausen Concentration Camp near Steyr Austria. The barrel codes show '38' as the production year. Its 'BO' designation is code for Bohler Steel. This rifle is the product of Germany's peak rearmament years!

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed    An Especially Fine Example for Any Collector. - $10,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 4834

K98 S/N 4834

4834 Death HeadThis is a K98k with a 'clean' front receiver ring (No Markings), because it was secretly built by hand for the SS. The rifle has the Deaths Head mark with the dreaded SS just above it. A rare marking because so few survived. This specimen has a receiver with early type lettering on the left side. It started life as a long-barreled G98 in the WWI era as evidenced by its GEW98 mark on the left side of the receiver (in old style German font). The receiver shows faint remnants of WWI proof markings on the left side of the front receiver ring. The rifle is otherwise 'clean' of markings except for the dreaded Deaths Head mark complete with the SS 'Runes' denoting the Gestapo. All Gestapo rifles were made (or reconfigured) into K98 models by concentration camp inmates under the watchful eye of the Gestapo.  A jewel of a rifle, laminated stock, clean bolt, bright, clear rifling.

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed                                                               $10,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 158

K98 S/N 158

158 Death Head

This specimen has the dreaded Double Deaths Head marking with the especially rare Z-2 mark above the Deaths Head markings.  The receiver and its front receiver ring are “clean”, an effort by the SS to conceal the source.  This particular rifle has an especially low serial number.  The rifle has a laminated stock, excellent bluing, excellent throughout with a bright, clean, sharp bore. 

The German Gestapo, under its leader H. Himmler actually was in conflict with the main body of the German army. Under Himmler's direction, production of K98's was established in his concentration camps. The Gestapo went to great effort to conceal the source of production. This rifle had its original markings removed including the model designation GEW98, it does however faintly reveal its WWI markings attesting to its early manufacture and converted by the SS to the latest Model K98.

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed   Excellent condition, even by today's standards $10,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 551

K98 S/N 551

551 Death HeadThis fine rifle has the dreaded Double Deaths Head markings with SS above the first Death Head mark and a Z-2 mark above the rear mark.  We can see that the SS attempted to remove all markings except their own, but early World War I markings are faintly visible on the left front side of receiver ring.  This is a classic Gestapo rifle reflecting their attempts at both concealment and intimidation.  A fine example of World War II. 

A historically important K98 Mauser rifle. Built in one of Himmler's concentration camps. Rifles with these markings are among the best Mausers ever built. They had close Gestapo quality supervision. Used mainly to equip the Gestapo, Hitler's so-called private army of guardians, most rifles were lost or stolen in the ravages of Nazi disintegration.  

    presentation case closed          Pressentation case open                      Especially Fine condition.  $10,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 9812

K98 S/N 9812

9812 Crest9812 Left Side

This specimen is an especially fine survivor of two world wars!  Produced in 1918 showing the “AMBERG” mark with the AMBERG “crown”, it shows the original GEW98 mark made even prior to WWI.  Produced originally for the German Weimar army, it has the Nazi swastika Eagle on the left side of the barrel. 

This fine, rare K98 was made in the Amberg Arsenal in Bavaria, Germany. Clearly visible are all of its original markings including the Rampant Lion symbol of the period. The rifle has a solid walnut stock and is original in every respect. It has a bore that is clear and bright, rivaling rifle bores produced even today! A rare survivor of two world wars and in superb condition.

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed                               Fine condition throughout.  $6,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. G6661

K98 S/N G6661

G6661 CrestG6661 Left Side

This particular K98 was produced in 1941 under contract for Portugal.  It has the beautiful Portuguese Crest on the front receiver ring.  Prior to going to Portugal it was confiscated by the German army and has the Nazi Eagle on the barrel and receiver.  It has military acceptance marks on the rear sight base on the right side. 

This rifle 'Started Life' as a commercial Mauser as evidenced by Mauser's commercial factory marking on the left side of the receiver. In 1941 it became part of a contract with Franco's Portugal. The German army took over the last of the Portuguese contract rifles, marked them with the Nazi symbol and issued them. A few survivors, like this one, got lost in the turmoil of early WWII and survived in storage. Excellent condition and unique, showing the Portuguese crest, Mauser commercial mark and Nazi acceptance marks on both receiver and barrel. A truly unique combination of markings on a truly unique rifle.

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed         History's one-of-a-kind Rifle for collectors.  $5,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 444

K98 S/N 444

444 CrestThis fine specimen was made by the famous German DWM factory in Berlin, second only to the more widely known Mauser factory name.  It was made during the middle of World War I and is dated 1916 on the front receiver ring.  The front receiver ring has the name of DWM fully spelled out.  Build in WWI and taken over in WWII, it has Nazi markings.  Surviving WWI and WWII in this near-new condition is astonishing! 

Equipped with a full length solid walnut stock, the rifle has full deep bluing, and excellent bright bore and smooth action,. It obviously has not seen combat. The rifle has a unique serial number and shows both WWI and WWII acceptance marks. This rifle reflects the fine German craftsmanship of early 20th century!

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed                                                  A rare trophy.  $8,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 470

K98 S/N 470

470 Death HeadThis rifle is a WWI produced K98 and taken over by the Gestapo.  It has the Deaths Head with the SS designator just above it.  All matching numbers.  Excellent bluing, solid laminated stock. 

This rifle is a collectors prize. Even though the Gestapo removed the identification marks from this fine WWI-origin rifle it still reflects solid clues to its authenticity because you can still see faint marks of WWI vintage on the left side of the receiver ring. The receiver retains its original early Model 98 mark. The barrel marks reveal that is was made in 1938, has three military acceptance stamps and has a special barrel made with Bohler's Steel! To top it off, it has the dreaded Deaths Head mark complete with SS just above it. A true collectors item in excellent condition with a fearsome ancestry.

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed                                                                    $6,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 9660

K98 S/N 9660

9660 Death Head 9660 Right Side

This fine specimen was built during WWI.  Its origin and date have been largely removed and the infamous Double Deaths Head are in place.  Some WWI markings on the right side of the receiver are intact. WWI markings on the left side of the front receiver ring are faintly visible while the right side has early Weimar-era markings clearly visible. The fearsome Deaths Head symbols are intact with the SS2 marked above the front Deaths Head. Bluing is excellent, bore is excellent, and bolt face is clean.

This rifle will enhance any gun collection because of its historical significance and excellent condition.

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed                                                                      $7,000.00

German Mauser Model K98k, Serial No. 2670

S/N 2670 Rifle

2670 Crest2670 L&R Side

A highly prized K98! This one is a WWI model produced by the German Ordinance Bureau of Spandau Arsenal. This same arsenal developed the German 8mm cartridge (7.92x57)! The Spandau Arsenal was originally a fortress dating back to the 7th century. Possibly even Napoleon trooped through there when he (like Hitler later) decided to invade Russia around the War of 1812! This K98 is dated 1917 with the Spandau Crown on the front receiver ring. It has an absolutely beautiful walnut stock,excellent bluing, bright clear bore. 

Pressentation case open    presentation case closed       It is an absolute jewel for the lucky collector. 10,000.00  

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